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2009-11-03 10:39:59 by cooldudep

Man, I am sitting here in genetics class, hungry as hell.
I want some egg ramen noodles with beef slices in it.

wut are yalls favorite foods


2009-04-01 02:12:23 by cooldudep

looooooooooooollll x 10^100101010^10
very funny you guys, VEERRRRYYYY FUNNNAAYYYY


p.s. they are going to-a take me in the next 24 hrs! ahhthe thought police!

ugh zero bombs

2009-03-06 01:51:36 by cooldudep

so ive been getting tattered by alot of zero bombing these days, i rarely give zeroes unless the project is well in flash term "blam-able" and even in flash voting i usually try to save things.

so heres my new thing about voting (lil inspiration from tofwap)
never zero bomb in all case
listen at least 2 minutes into song and after that skip to middle and end.
leave a review if scores anything less then 5, unless i wanna say good stuff about why i gave a 5.

Godd zero voters augh!! :/

p.s. thers alot of good artists like kazmo, mrmilkcartonman and others who have awesome professinoal sounding songs but scores not close to 5 cause of these rampant zerovoters...

Halla Dar

2009-03-01 07:36:47 by cooldudep

I rarely use this feature so I guess ill start now,

man, march came really fast, ugh i gotta raise my grades in school and stuff also.
some vocal trance projects ive been working on, BUT MY V-STATION just keeps fucking up
everytime i start it says i have to register and it freezes up my fl every damn time i use vstation god..

so when i actually find a legit vocalist who has the time to help me out, ill add the vocals in. Im collaborating with my good friend Daniel.S (aka Dominion) on these vocal projects,

also i do hope the economy gets better, for all of us its a good thing, i guess.

ive been contemplating if i should switch the program from fl studio to cubase or logic pro, but iono im so used to fl i just dont feel like adjusting but those programs come with some dank features and all gah!

anyways i ranted enough, happy march everyone =]

Halla Dar