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ugh zero bombs

2009-03-06 01:51:36 by cooldudep

so ive been getting tattered by alot of zero bombing these days, i rarely give zeroes unless the project is well in flash term "blam-able" and even in flash voting i usually try to save things.

so heres my new thing about voting (lil inspiration from tofwap)
never zero bomb in all case
listen at least 2 minutes into song and after that skip to middle and end.
leave a review if scores anything less then 5, unless i wanna say good stuff about why i gave a 5.

Godd zero voters augh!! :/

p.s. thers alot of good artists like kazmo, mrmilkcartonman and others who have awesome professinoal sounding songs but scores not close to 5 cause of these rampant zerovoters...


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2009-03-07 17:23:34

Yeah, happens to all artist, especially the good ones. Some other good artists are DjBrand0 and MICHhimself (check them out).


2009-03-09 01:41:06

Lol yeah, 0 bombers suck ass. As I saw my friends song jump from 0.87 to top 5 and now no.1 all time. They = fail.

Thanks for checking out my music.

I give 5's to anyone who I think is good, and improving. My 5's aren't for rating, but for moving ppl up the charts. As goes for my 0's.

cooldudep responds:

that rule is also very nice , and yeah dude ur musics dank
hardstyle baby!


2009-03-10 17:31:26

?? im an inspiration, im guessing youve read my user profile

(Updated ) cooldudep responds:

yesssir i did :] go tofwap! ~~ (not tofu :D)


2009-03-11 02:36:07

Are you bassfusion? Hehe i recognized that icon from youtube. I really liked your Better Off Alone remix and thats the first song i heard from you, which was months ago when you first put it up :D I agree, zero bombers are...such assholes -_-. I get zero bombed every submission so dont worry lol. I'm Brando's friend who had a 0.87 score xD. What a coincidence lol. I got bombed and then the score raised to 4.40 by like a week, and it got top 5. Then throughout the top 5 week, the score got really high and it became #1 all time scoring. Then all the zero bombers came back and now its down to 4.35 haha. Well i guess its just a way of life on newgrounds. If you can get top 5 your lucky :] cause lots of talented people dont get on there. I wish newgrounds did something about zero bombers and had a good solution :p.

I'm the opposite of you..if i want to give it a low score i usually dont vote lol. But i will drop a review sometimes to try and help xD. Well good luck making songs, and dont worry you will get to the top someday :)

(Updated ) cooldudep responds:

yess bassfusion ~~
artists like you deserve better fair scoring, gangsta songs man
and hahaha, thanks mate! =]


2009-03-11 21:13:58

yeah, i know a bunch of songs that deserve top 50 at least. Some of the top5 i hate. Like that F U song last week. That song was crap.

cooldudep responds:

amennnn to that